LAD and Eurofins Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Time:2020-05-20 Click:645

    On May 20th,LAD and Eurofins Analysis Technology Services (Suzhou)Co.,Ltd.signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Suzhou.The two parties will cooperate in agricultural science and technology fields such as food testing,water quality testing,and soil testing to jointly promote the sustainable development of modern agriculture in China.The executive teams of LAD and Eurofins (Suzhou)attended the signing ceremony.


    As an agricultural scientific and technological enterprise,LAD has been committed to contributing to China's food security,Rural Revitalization and the integration of agriculture,rural areas and farmers since its establishment.

    Eurofins is a global leading enterprise in the field of third-party analytical and testing services.It provides professional testing,certification,auditing,training,consulting and other services in food/feed,agricultural science,consumer products,environment,medicine and other related industries.

    The strategic cooperation between LAD and Eurofins is based on the principle of “complementary advantages and win-win cooperation”,which not only conforms to the long-term development strategy and vision of LAD,but also contributes to promote the improvement of agricultural product quality and the establishment of a high-standard production system from the source.


    After the ceremony,LAD executive team visited the leading high-standard laboratory of Eurofins.The executives of both companies also conducted in-depth communication and prospects for this cooperation.