Talent Recruitment

It is an arduous task for Chinese agriculture to transform from traditional agricultural mode to modern agriculture characterized by mechanization, informationization and intelligentization, which cannot be achieved naturally and overnight. This not only need in various fields of scientific research workers, technical experts and scholars of unremitting efforts, more need to more and more with agriculture and sincere feelings and thoughts of the aggressive young man struggling to pick up sticks, knowledge, technology and youth with wine in China above the earth, for China's food security, food security and rural tertiary industry integration development contribution strength!

Talent concept

Talent first, people-oriented, to achieve the common development of enterprises and employees.

Enterprise Values

Simple life, hard work, do not forget the original intention, the unity of knowledge and action

Enterprise spirits

Down-to-earth, steady, pioneering, willing to contribute


In Lankuaikei, for you and your team:

15000 square meters of pilot testing standard test greenhouse

Rice, wheat, corn, soybean unmanned farm base, 1000 mu /2000 mu /5000 mu /10000 mu /30000 mu for you to fly over

JohnDeere\CLAAS\LEMKEN\POETTINGER\MASCHIO\KUBOTA……Large agricultural machinery full mechanization configuration

Eggplant, leaf vegetables, flower film/GLASS CONNECTED GREENHOUSE base, 1 ha /2 ha /4 ha /8 ha /10 ha for your choice

LI-6800\LI-3100C\FOSS 1241\8420\SEAL Autoanalyer3\Agilent 5977B\VeritiPro PCR\CUBERT S185……Precision instrument configuration
The headquarters of Lankuaikei is located at the bank of Dishui Lake, the core area of Lingang New Area, Shanghai. We are waiting for you here.
Lingang New Area is an important carrier for Shanghai to promote reform, opening up and innovative development, as well as an important strategic space for Shanghai's future development. It undertakes a special mission in the major strategic tasks of building Shanghai into a modern socialist international metropolis with world influence and promoting all-round and high-level opening up.

You will work and live in the new area, which is an open, innovative, smart ecological, industry-city integration, suitable for business and livable modern new city. You will enjoy the new area's pioneering Shanghai settlement policy, preferential housing purchase, children's education, health care and other supporting policies.

Talent and housing policy

Domestic talents: direct income tax subsidy, direct introduction of talents to settle down, shortened "residence transfer" period, quick bonus points for residence permit. Overseas talents: individual income tax subsidy (foreign executives' individual income tax reduced by 15% subsidy), entry and exit convenience, financial convenience, start-up support. Housing policy: Targeted fine-tuning of the housing purchase limit policy in new areas, non-resident individuals (single) who have paid individual income tax or social security for one year will be eligible to buy a house (the market price is only one third of the average price of Shanghai urban area), and the priority guarantee of limited price housing/talent apartment/public rental housing.

Lankuaikei Talent recruitment link: https://jobs.51job.com/all/co5776747.html


Please send your resume to:hr@lankuaikei.cn