Company Profile

Lankuaikei Technology is an emerging pioneer of the global intelligent agriculture industry. The company’s goal is to provide domestic and foreign households with products, solutions and services adaptive to modern agricultural development and transformation. Our business focus on three areas, including "software platform", "intelligent equipment" and "technical service", incorporating technologies such as crop growth modeling, artificial intelligence algorithm, satellite remote sensing, automation and many others into intelligent agricultural machinery, smart control systems, computing platform and other products and solutions. Lankuaikei is driven to meet the needs of the scale-up, digitalization, and intelligentization of agricultural industries in China. Our proprietary solutions will integrate production planning, system development and operation, effectively help customers to achieve rapid value growth.

Lankuaikei is devoted to bridging the fundamental scientific research and the front-line industry, actively carry out demonstration farm/base construction and operation, horticultural production, agritourism and cultural tourism, agricultural produce sales and many other business lines.


Science explores the mysteries of nature, and science and technology protect human health


To contribute to China's food security, rural revitalization, and the integration of agriculture, agriculture and industry movement

Enterprise Positioning

A global pioneer in smart agriculture

Enterprise Values

Simple life, hard work, do not forget the original intention, the unity of knowledge and action

Enterprise  Spirits

Down-to-earth, steady, pioneering, willing to contribute

Business Philosophy

Talent first, people-oriented, to achieve the common development of enterprises and employees.
Technological innovation, to provide users with first-class products and excellent services.
Green, safety, quality, sustainable development, harmonious coexistence between human being and nature.