Lankuaikei,focus on digital agriculture cultivation and management


  • Optimize climate and irrigation control
  • Forecast the possible problems
  • Maximize the production and quality
  • Feasibility study of the investment
  • Maximize the utilization of the invested facilities
  • Support decision making with data
  • Optimize agricultural land planning
  • Forecast food security of certain region
  • Optimize agricultural regulations


The importance of knowledge and technology in agricultural development is often underestimated. Meanwhile, the importance of mutual communication and promotion between fundamental research and practical application is overlooked. LAD is market-oriented and always considering agricultural knowledge and technology as the core factors of our company development. We are committed to become the bridge between agricultural research and application, theory and practice.



“AI + agriculture, bright future” Forum Hosted by LAD Reached over 450,000 views Recently,the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Online Conference (hereinafter referred to as WAIC 2020)statistics have been released.According to the statistics of the organizing committee,the total number of views of the "AI +agriculture,bright future "industry forum hosted by LAD has reached 452,800,among which the official H5 channel had 10,049 views,1,613 likes,378 comments and 1,290 save as favorite.As an industry forum that debuted at WAIC 2020,the number of views of “AI +agriculture,bright future”ranked among the top five of the 20 industry forums.


LAD China Technology R&D center signed and will land in Lin-gang On July 11,the signing and launching ceremony of the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2020)was grandly held.Under the witness of Zheng Gong,deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and acting mayor,Qing Wu,member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and deputy mayor,LAD China Technology R&D Center and LAD headquarters project,as one of the major artificial intelligence industry projects in Lin-gang Special Area,was signed in the Blue Hall of the World Expo Center.Wei Wu and Xiaohua Wu,the full-time deputy directors of Lin-gang Special Area Administration,Kaining Weng,member of Lin-gang Group CPC Committee and Vice President,Weihua Dong,Chairman of LAD attended the signing ceremony.


The “AI+ agriculture, bright future” forum co-hosted by LAD and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology will be held on July 11 From July 9th to 11th,the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Online Summit (WAIC 2020)will be held in Shanghai.With the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity,Indivisible Community”,this conference is dedicated to bring the leading companies worldwide together to discuss how to apply AI and other leading technologies to create a better community.



China Headquarter

Lankuaikei Agriculture Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Address:Liping Road 203, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

European Branch

Lankaukei Agriculture Development Europe B.V. Address:Hofplein 20, 3032 AC Rotterdam, The Netherlands