The research of basic agricultural science is the core driving force and the source of technology for the transformation and development of modern agriculture. Since 2017, the strategy of rejuvenating Lankuaikei closely around the countryside and agriculture digital transformation direction, the research of key technology research for agriculture and test, and major equipment development, construction of agricultural scientific research, innovation platform gathering talents, pooling resources, power forward basic research, leading a major breakthrough in the original results, with the science and technology industry and the social demand.

In 2018, Lankuaikei signed a long-term scientific research cooperation agreement with Wageningen University of the Netherlands on "Quantification and Modeling of Big Data in Chinese Modern Agriculture". As the first private enterprise to jointly train doc

In 2017, Lankuaikei cooperated with Shanghai Space Administration (the Eighth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation) to carry out basic scientific research and software and hardware development in the fields of high-precision sensi

Validation and application of field crop models (wheat, maize, rice, etc.)

Validation and application of greenhouse crop models (eggplant, vegetables, flowers, etc.)