Company History

2022.08.10 Lankuaikei signed an agreement with the People's Government of Midu County, Yunnan Province, and the Southwest Agricultural Scientific Research and Production Base of Lan Kuai Kei landed in Midu County, Dali, Yunnan Province
2022.07.01 Lankuaikei formally signed a contract with Dingxing County People's Government of Hebei Province, and Lankuaikei (Dingxing) started the construction of unmanned farm integrated with sky and land
2022.01 Lankuaikei All-space sensing system integration (rice) unmanned farm construction began
2021.09.15 Land delisting of Lankuaikei China Technology R&D Center Project
2021.09.12 Lankuaikei and Amada Breeding Company of the Netherlands signed a contract to jointly fund the construction and establishment of a new joint venture with flower breeding and seedling as the main business and germplasm innovation as the basic driving force
2021.09.12 Lankuaikei(China) Greenhouse Research and Application Center officially operation
2021.07.10 Lankuaikei hosted the Agricultural Sub-forum of "Contemporary Youth Dialogue on the New Future of Intelligent Agriculture" at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference
2021.06.08 Lankuaikei officially entered Zhoukou National Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zon
2020.07.11 Lankuaikei hosted the Smart Agriculture Sub-Forum of 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference
2020.07.11 Lankuaikei China Technology Center Project signed a contract to become one of the key projects of artificial intelligence in Shanghai
2019.12.5 Shanghai Lankuaikei Technology Development Co., LTD was established
2019.11.9 Lankuaikei Modern Agriculture Base Construction (intelligent greenhouse) project was approved as a special major project of Shanghai urban modern agriculture development
2019.11.7--11.8 Lankuaikei the First International Symposium on Rural Revitalization Mode(shanghai Lingang Area)
2019.9.24 Launch of Lankuaikei Luohe(ZhaoLing) Smart Agriculture Project
2018.10.16--10.17 Lankuaikei the First International Symposium on Rural Revitalization Mode
2018.5.30 As the first private enterprise in China to jointly train doctors with Wageningen University, Lankuaikei signed a contract with Wageningen University in the Netherlands to carry out the "Big Data Quantification and Modeling Project of Modern Agriculture in China".
2018.1.4 MuXing intelligent industrial technology (Shanghai) co., LTD. Was set up
2017.10.10 Lankuaikei Agricultural Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD was established
Complete domestic and foreign rural and agricultural investigation and research
Carry out foreign large data and artificial intelligence industry investigation and research projects
Lankuaikei work group was established and the investigation started