Lankuaikei Bases

Lankuaikei (China) Greenhouse Technology and Application Center

In 2018, Lankuaikei and Wageningen University of the Netherlands jointly launched the project "quantification and modeling of large data in modern agriculture in china". The project was implemented simultaneously in china”

The project was implemented simultaneously in Wageningen University in the netherlands. It aims to quantify china's agricultural data, develop greenhouse and field crop growth models and agricultural economic models specifically for china's actual situation, and verify, apply and promote them.

Lankuaikei Chongming rice standardized planting and testing base

Lankuaikei Chongming Rice standardized planting and testing base is located in Lianyi Village and Baoan Village, Miaotown, Chongming District, Shanghai, with a transfer land area of nearly 3,000 mu. It is mainly used for rice crop model verification and research and demonstration of rice digital planting standard system.

Lankuaikei Quality vegetable seedling and production center

The project of Lankuaikei High-quality vegetable Seedling and Production Center is built in Miaozhen, Chongming District, Shanghai, on an area of ~ 100 mu, covering 24,360 square meters of multi-functional glass greenhouse (including 5,280 square meters of seedling area, 9,240 square meters of potted vegetable production area, and 5,280 square meters of solid vegetable production area). Water and fertilizer treatment workshop, substrate treatment workshop, seeding workshop, germination room, cold storage, packaging workshop and other areas of 3060 square meters.

Project integrated application of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Southern Kyushu University in Japan, the Netherlands armada of breeding company in the digital agriculture, breeding, seedling, efficient production, such as technology, introduces the Dutch commercial seedling and planting production management mode, by applying the typical greenhouse crop growth model technology, combined with the greenhouse environment more variable precision control technology, To build a modern, factory, intelligent vegetable and seedling production base with high-tech features.

Lankuaikei Pudong Shuyuan Town flower seedling production base

This project focuses on the theme of characteristic cut flowers, taking full advantage of  the existing domestic and foreign flower variety resources advantages, and builds a large-scale cut flower production base focusing on bulbous root flowers and vine flowers, addressing the promotion of the industrial production technological demonstration and innovation of unique varieties. We strive to build  an outstanding modern  flower production demonstration park with well-equipped facilities, leading production technology, remarkable brand effect and integrated development of industry.

Lankuaikei (Lingang) All-space sensing system integrated Unmanned Farm

Lankuaikei (Lingang) Sky and land integrated unmanned farm is located in the northern part of Dongtan Farm in Lingang new area Domain, the total area is about 6800 mu. The project is planned to become the largest demonstration area of rice digital production technology research and development and application in Shanghai with the world's leading technology level. A multi-industry integrated R&D and demonstration base focused on agriculture, covering commercial satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, high-precision sensors, intelligent unmanned agricultural machinery and equipment, intelligent environmental monitoring equipment, artificial intelligence computing, agricultural actuarial computing and other fields; The leading digital agricultural technology comprehensive pilot zone in China cultivates professional operation and management talents of digital smart farms, forms the commanding heights of industry technology, and makes a typical demonstration for the implementation of national food security and grain storage strategy with unmanned rice planting as the breakthrough point.


Lankuaikei (Zhoukou) Intelligent Agriculture Demonstration Base

Lankuaikei (Zhoukou) Intelligent Agriculture Demonstration base is located in Henan Zhoukou National Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone, covering an area of 5000 mu. The project focuses on building a comprehensive base with six functions of intelligent agricultural technology research and development, demonstration, production, processing, sales and service. The main construction contents include: 1, the sky to integration NongQing monitoring (satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and Internet monitoring network), 2, intelligent farming decisions (multi-source data and crop model combining AI decision system), 3, unmanned agricultural production can (the farm machinery, intelligent irrigation, fertilizer equipment and facilities), 4, sales and technical service center, 5, agricultural product processing, storage and logistics center, 6. Agricultural biomass (straw, etc.) Recycling and transformation center.

Lankuaikei (Dingxing) All-space sensing system integrated Unmanned Farm

Lankuaikei (Dingxing) Sky and Land integrated Unmanned farm project is located in the southwest corner of Dingxing County, Hebei Province, next to iXiongAn New Area covers an area of about 15,000 mu. This project is LanKuaiKei's first unmanned farm for large-scale wheat and corn cultivation in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, which is the core content of Lankuaikei's agricultural industry layout. The farm to the sky to the integration of data acquisition, transmission, processing technology as the core, through the aerospace technology, big data technology, artificial intelligence technology and the application of crop growth models in the field of agriculture, for large scale high aging, preciseness, regulation of agricultural production, to transform and upgrade of China's agriculture to provide strong technical support, To establish a demonstration benchmark for the application of Dingxing smart agriculture in major scenes.

Lankuaikei Southwest Agricultural Research and Production Base

Lankuaikei Southwest Agricultural Scientific Research and Production Base project is an important industrial deployment of Lankuaikei based on the ferry and radiating to southwest China. The first phase of the project plans about 600 mu, the main construction content is intensive scale, intelligent modern agricultural facilities greenhouse and supporting facilities. The implementation focus is the introduction of facility horticulture breeding and seedling industry, laying a good foundation for the landing of Lankuaikei Southwest agricultural scientific research and production base, in order to build a new agricultural industry cluster in Midu County, To contribute to the rural revitalization and digital agricultural transformation of Dali Prefecture.