• Didi Qian

    Bridging agricultural knowledge and technology exchange between China and The Netherlands, not copy paste, but integration.

  • Jack Xie

    Explore the mysteries of nature, contribute to modern agriculture development, there is no end.

  • Kun Yang

    Integrating knowledge and practical to explore the agriculture development methods

  • Wenhui Zhao

    To be a master grower on greenhouse horticulture

  • Xiaohan Zhou

    Realize sustainable modern agriculture by interdisciplinary knowledge

  • Yingna Hui

    Technology makes agriculture better, knowledge makes agriculture smarter

  • Guoyu Wang

    Data speaks for plants, Analysis creates value

  • Xin Zhang

    Strengthen both theory and practice, finding the optimal cultivation solution for greenhouse horticulture

  • Liming Yan

    Talking about agriculture with numbers

  • Fanhui Liu

    Perseverance, stone can be carved

  • Yongmei Wang

    It is never too late to learn

  • Lu Huang

    When we are our best selves, there isn't a problem that we cannot solve.

  • Fei Tan

    Be down-to-earth

  • Leijie Shi

    Hard work,Pays off.

  • Yuankun Zhang

    Since I decided to turn my hobby into a career, it is destined to be an extraordinary journey.



Greenhouse functional design and investment feasibility analysis Recommendation for crop selection, greenhouse design layout, cover material and equipment by analyzing local weather and market condition with model; Forecasting greenhouse operating cost and ROI by Agro economic analysis.

Team build up and staff training Providing recommendation for human resource and related skill requirement of each position in the greenhouse. Providing tailored training course for the greenhouse cultivation and management team.

Greenhouse operation management guidance After the greenhouse is constructed, collect and analyze local climate and plant data, search the possibility of optimal use of equipment, formulate a crop cultivation plan, and ensure sufficient greenhouse production management by either fully under the management of our expert team or providing regular guidance. During the cultivation process, there will be continuously feedback and adjustment for the cultivation plan to optimize the plan with better economic benefit.