Delegation from Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Visited LAD Luohe base
Time:2020-06-23 Click:805

    On the morning of June 23,Huixian Song,deputy director of Henan provincial agricultural machinery technology center,Haiyan Jiang,director of safety production division,Dejian Chen,chief of supervision section,Shiliang Wang,deputy district mayor of Shaoling District,Hongwei Wang,director of general office of Luohe agricultural machinery extension service center,Xiangwen Huang,director of the Shaoling District agricultural machinery extension service center,and Yingjie Zhang,deputy director of Shaoling District agricultural machinery extension service center,visited agricultural machinery depot of LAD Luohe base .


    The delegation carefully inquired about the specific situation of production efficiency improvement by large agricultural machinery.The delegation also gave targeted recommendations and fully affirmed the spirit of investment and innovation of LAD in the process of promoting the transformation and development of modern agriculture.


    The LAD Luohe base was officially built since 2019.In order to match the demonstration application of LAD field production technology system,this base is equipped with high-end imported large agricultural machinery from Claas,John Deere,Lemken and Pottinger to create a leading scale effect of modern large-scale agricultural machinery operation.