LAD China Technology R&D center signed and will land in Lin-gang
Time:2020-07-11 Click:1154

    On July 11,the signing and launching ceremony of the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2020)was grandly held.Under the witness of Zheng Gong,deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and acting mayor,Qing Wu,member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and deputy mayor,LAD China Technology R&D Center and LAD headquarters project,as one of the major artificial intelligence industry projects in Lin-gang Special Area,was signed in the Blue Hall of the World Expo Center.Wei Wu and Xiaohua Wu,the full-time deputy directors of Lin-gang Special Area Administration,Kaining Weng,member of Lin-gang Group CPC Committee and Vice President,Weihua Dong,Chairman of LAD attended the signing ceremony.


    A total of 36 key Shanghai artificial intelligence projects were signed in this signing and launching ceremony,which includes These include HUAWEI's "Kun Peng +Sheng Teng"eco innovation center,Baidu PaddlePaddle artificial intelligence industry empowerment center,Jingdong cloud (Shanghai)artificial intelligence industry research and demonstration base and other industrial projects,all the projects are with a total investment of more than 30 billion yuan.

    LAD is a leading big data and artificial intelligence technology company in agriculture.Since it was founded,LAD have been focusing artificial intelligence core technology and application development in agricultural and natural sciences,and adheres to its mission which is empowering rural revitalization, food safety,integrated development of agriculture,rural areas and farmers in China with LAD technology. LAD has developed agricultural artificial intelligence computing platform that can effectively improve productivity through the combination of artificial intelligence algorithms with independent intellectual property rights and plants model,to provides key hardware,software and technical support for the transformation and upgrading of China's modern agriculture.

    LAD China technology R &D center and languiqi enterprise headquarter project,which will be located in Lin-gang Special Area,includes six functional spaces:corporate headquarter office ,science and technology and application R &D center,50 +scientists innovation laboratory space,global industrial chain enterprise co-working space,international education training and cooperation space,public exhibition and experience space.LAD will continue to take artificial intelligence,Internet of things,cloud computing,remote sensing and other technologies as key innovation driving forces,research and develop,incubate,apply and promote highly practical agricultural technologies and solutions,and work with the government,universities and scientific research institutes,business entities,agricultural investors and industrial chain partners to jointly facilitate the upgrading and transformation of China's modern agriculture.

    The GreenQ Smart agricultural Production Management System (hereinafter referred to as "GreenQ")independently developed by LAD was also launched in the industry forum “AI+agriculture,bright future”of WAIC 2020.GreenQ uses sensors,satellite remote sensing and drones, collect data,combines with the knowledge of well-known worldwide agricultural experts,big data and AI algorithms to provide comprehensive decision support for agricultural practitioners,effectively improve production efficiency,optimize resource utilization,increase yield and quality,and to ultimately realize the quality and efficiency improvement and sustainable development of agricultural production.The launch of GreenQ not only introduces more new application scenarios for AI in agricultural field,but also brings infinite imagination for the integrated development of AI +agriculture.