LAD Xinjiang Experimental Base is about to plant
Time:2020-04-24 Click:530

    On April 24,LAD officially announced that the Xinjiang Experimental Base will be settled in Qapqal Xibo Autonomous County,Yili Prefecture.This is a major step to expand the layout of the experimental base in China,apply advanced artificial intelligence,big data and other high-tech to modern agriculture and further promote the development of modern agriculture together with local governments and partners.



    Weihua Dong,Chairman of LAD,Shuguang Dong,Vice President of LAD,Dr.Haolv Shang and Dr.Bingzhen Du arrived in Yili Prefecture to conduct an in-depth field research on agriculture,animal husbandry,forestry and ecological environment in northern Xinjiang On April 20.The planting is expected to start on May 10 in Xinjiang Experimental Base.LAD will combine the local environment with satellite remote sensing,drone,cloud platforms and other technologies to implement high-standard crop cultivation and management,and carry out various scientific experiments simultaneously.