Caring for the angels in white, LAD is in action
Time:2020-05-22 Click:589

    As the epidemic prevention and control achieved major strategic results,Shanghai medical support team returned from Hubei Province safely.On May 22,LAD donated around 5,000 kg of tomato to the East Hospital of Sixth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University,to express our sincere respect and gratitude to the angels in white who are fighting on the front line against with COVID-19 epidemic.


    Ms.Xia Jin,director of General Office of the Sixth People's Hospital,Mr.Hui Li,director of Women,Youth and Retirement Worker Office,expressed their sincere gratitude to LAD.




    Since February this year,as an agricultural technology company based in Lin-gang Special Area,LAD has actively participated in epidemic prevention and control,upholding the corporate value of "remain true to our original aspiration",donated around 12,100 kg of tomatoes and rice to enterprises and organizations in Lin-gang Special Area and Chongming District.Since March,LAD has actively responded to the resumption of work and production under the normalized prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic,speeding up the pace of business development while ensuring the safety and health of domestic and foreign employees.


    The East Hospital of Sixth People's Hospital is the only first-class hospital at Grade 3 in Lin-gang Special Area.During the epidemic,the hospital sent 2 medical support teams to Wuhan.The hospital also built a new fever clinic observation ward within 20 days,which greatly strengthened the anti-epidemic capabilities.