Shanghai Chongming District Government delegation visit Rotterdam Municipality
Time:2019-07-09 Click:608

In 8th July 2019, delegation of Chongming government visit Rotterdam Municipality. The purpose of the visit is to invite Dutch enterprises and government jointly explore the way of developing an ecological island in Chongming District and issues of 2021 China Flower Expo held in Chongming District.


Arno Bonte, Deputy Mayor of Rotterdam warmly welcome the delegation and made an opening speech. After the round introduction, Hailong Tang, General Secretary of Chongming District and Arno Bonte exchange gifts on behalf of Chongming District government and Rotterdam Municipality.


During this meeting, Dr. Tian Qian, representative of LAD Europe Branch made a presentation about LAD and its core business. LAD is a local enterprise in Chongming District, focusing on the development of smart agriculture and digitized agriculture. LAD already have cooperation with many Dutch enterprises, educational and research institutes. “LAD would like to build company base in Miao Town, Chongming District as a modern agriculture knowledge and technology for the incubation and output platform. This can also strengthened the cooperation between China and the Netherlands in flower industry, further contribute to the 2021 China Flower Expo held in Chongming District.”, said by Dr. Tian Qian.



Mr. Hailong Tang summed up the potential cooperation area between Chongming government and The Neteherlands as follows:

Facility agriculture/ Digitized Agriculture

Establish a Sino-Dutch agriculture Industry park in Chongming District

Develop ecological and convenient urban infrastructure and community in Chongming District

At the end, Mr. Hailong Tang thanked Roteerdam Municipality for arranging such a informative meeting and looking forward to welcome the Rotterdam Municipality and enterprises of Rotterdam to visit Chongming District.