Delegation of Lankuaikei Agriculture Development (Shanghai) Company Limited visit Shanghai Aerospace
Time:2019-08-14 Click:558

In 13th August 2019, delegation of LAD visited Shanghai Aerospace Industry for its smart energy industry. The delegation also visit Shanghai Aerospace smart energy research institute and Shanghai fiorentini gas equipment co., Ltd.



During this visit, LAD delegation and representatives of Shanghai Aerospace Industry held a meeting to discuss about the cooperation in biomass energy. “Agricultural production is an important source of biomass. This will be a good opportunity for cooperation between Shanghai Aerospace smart energy industry and LAD. It is hoped that both parties will further cooperate in the field of agricultural energy supply and agricultural open field energy circular system development. To achieve a win-win situation. ” said by Xin Li, Deputy Dean of Shanghai Academy of spaceflight Technology.


Mr. Weihua Dong, Chair of board of LAD, fully agreed with the opinion of Mr. Xin Li. Mr. Weihua Dong will organize the research departments of LAD to contact Shanghai Aerospace smart energy industry department in order to jointly find a way for implementation.