LAD smart agriculture project in Luohe officially launched
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On September 24th 2019, LAD and Luohe Zhaoling District People’s Government signed the rural land circulation agreement for smart agriculture collaboration project. This signing ceremony took place at Luohe Zhaoling District People’s Government offices. This ceremony marks the official launch of LAD agriculture and rural experimental base.


The overall planning of this project will need 100,000 mu farmland. This agreement consist 10,000 mu circulation rural land will be used for the first phase. This project focuses on transition of modern agriculture intelligence and digitization, circular development for rural area and further create an innovative model for modern agriculture and rural development in China.


The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Jiangtao Cao, Zhaoling District Mayor. Experts, government representatives and board members of LAD attended this ceremony and made their speech. Mr. Weihua Dong, chair of board of LAD, introduced the project vision to the attendants. “This base will focus on building a world leading digitized farm; Create a sample for integrated development of agriculture, rural area and farmers based on digitized technology and biomass energy cycle; develop a new Chinese digitized rural area.” Said by Mr. Weihua Dong.


▲Mr. Jiangtao Cao


▲Mr. Weihua Dong

Mr. Yaojun Liu, Secretary of CPC in Zhaoling District Committee, on behalf of District Committee and District government, warmly welcomed LAD to invest in Zhaoling District. Zhaoling District will do the best support for this project. He request all relevant government departments should actively collaborate and provide necessary policies, funds and land-related support for the project.


▲Mr. Yaojun Liu

The representative of cooperation partners of LAD smart agriculture project, Mr. Xin Li, vice president of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology affirmed the importance of this project.  “This project is also an important practice for SAST in the industrialization of military and civilian integration. Satellite remote sensing, green energy, equipment manufacturing and the related industries from SAST will integrated with advanced agricultural technology from LAD, collaborate to create a model project for the revitalization of rural China.” Said by Mr. Xin Li.


▲Mr. Xin Li

In her speech, Ms. Na Lv, member of standing Committee of CPC in Luohe City, Director-General of Organization Department expressed her positive opinion about this project. She hoped the Zhaoling District government could provide sufficient support. And she will be glad to see this project further play an active role in promoting modern agriculture development in Zhaoling District and further to the whole city.


▲Ms. Na Lv


▲Mr. Weihua Dong interviewed by Media, after the ceremony