Signing Ceremony between Lankuaikei Agriculture Development (Shanghai) Company Limited and Luohe Zha
Time:2018-11-24 Click:1035

LAD and Luohe Zhaoling District People’s Government have signed a cooperation agreement on Smart Agriculture project to collaborate in the development of modern agriculture. With this agreement, LAD will adapt Zhaoling District as the experimental and technical demonstration zone for the “Big Data Quantification and Modelling for Modern Agriculture in China”. This signing ceremony took place at Zhaoling District, Luohe City, Henan Province in 24th November 2018.


Zhaoling District of Luohe City is a typical plain agricultural area located in the central plains of China. It is the core area of grain production, an important poultry base in China. The agricultural product processing capacity in this area is leading in China, with a comprehensive agricultural industry chain, this area has the conditions to develop modern agriculture.


Several experts, government representatives attend this ceremony and made their sppech. Mr. Henk Stigter, Agricultural Counselor of The Netherland Embassy consider this cooperation will formed optimal golden triangle model of agricultural development. The government, University/research institute and enterprises collaborate to realize the development of modern agriculture from the perspective of policy support, academic research and technology application. Both parties considered this cooperation will play a major role in promoting rural revitalization in Zhaoling District. And they are looking forward to see the success of this cooperation to create a model of collaboration between China and The Netherlands in the field of modern agriculture and circular agriculture.