Signing Ceremony between Lankuaikei Agriculture Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Wageningen University & Research and Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co.,Ltd.
Time:2019-10-17 Click:501


On 17th October 2019, delegation from Hebei Province led by Qingshuang Shi, deputy governor of Hebei Province, visited WUR. Dr. ir. Petra Caessens, Feije de Zwart, Ing. Kees de Koning and Dr. Yutong Qiu of WUR, Dr. Didi Qian of LAD and Yujia Zhang of DSBP attended the meeting.


On behalf of WUR, Dr. ir. Petra Caessens made an opening speech and warmly welcomed the delegation. Afterwards, Feije de Zwart and Ing. Kees de Koning made presentations on the topics of upgrading Chinese solar greenhouse and of Dutch dairy industry.


After the presentations, a MOU on model verification in greenhouse in Nanhe of Hebei province was signed by the representatives of all three parties under the witness of the delegation and the meeting participants. According to the MOU, the greenhouse of Nanhe protected agriculture industrial cluster, which was constructed and operated by Futong will be used as one of the bases for data collection, verification and production analysis for the project “Big Data Quantification and Modelling for Modern Agriculture in China” between LAD and WUR. This cooperation will further improve the production management level of greenhouse in Nanhe protected agriculture industrial cluster. In addition, Futong’s greenhouse in Nanhe represents the modern greenhouse under the climate condition of Hebei Province/north of China. This cooperation aimed to develop the cultivation management guidance for modern greenhouse production in northern China.