Harvesting Ceremony of LAD Experimental Field
Time:2019-11-04 Click:450


On November 4th 2019, the first harvesting ceremony of LAD Experimental Field in 2019 was held in Chongming Island,Shanghai.


At the beginning of 2019, LAD applied the highest standard in Chongming Island to cultivate AA grade rice in the experimental field. The product is fully meet the Chinese green food Standard, which required absence of chemically synthesized fertilizers, pesticides, additives and other substances which are harmful to the environment and human health during the production process.



LAD staff and representatives of LAD partners attended this ceremony. Mr. Weihua Dong, Chairman of LAD used sickle to harvest the first spike of rice from LAD experimental field personally. The attendances cheered in unison, shared the joy of harvesting. With the sound of firecrackers and the roar of harvesters, the first rice harvesting of LAD experimental field officially began.


The first spike rice will be sealed and made into specimens to commemorate this special moment. The harvesting ceremony demonstrated the spirit of the LAD experimental field team- “let agriculture be an industry that everyone wants to be involved, let farmer becomes a career that everyone wants to pursue”.