United as one, overcome the difficulties together
Time:2020-02-11 Click:341

    At present,the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic has been under way for more than 20 days,and it has entered the most "strenuous"stage of tackling tough problems.According to the latest national strategy to fight against the epidemic,the prevention and control of the epidemic is not just a medical and health issue,but a comprehensive work,which is an overall battle.


    As a local private enterprise in Shanghai,LAD is obliged to actively resume production on the basis of the company's own epidemic prevention and control instructions,and also support the front line with materials.On February 11,2020,LAD donated 1,500 kg of tomatoes and 600 kg of eco rice produced by LAD agricultural base to Chongming Air Force Base and provided 1,000 kg of eco rice to Lin-gang Special Area.



    The development of the epidemic has attracted the attention of the whole society,LAD would like to express the highest respect and provide the support for each and every person on duty.We firmly believe that as long as we scientifically follow the epidemic prevention measures and well prepared,we will definitely win the "epidemic war ".