• Haolu Shang

    Science and technology accelerate agriculture development and develop a new way for open field cultivation.

  • Nanshui Li

    develope the agriculture with idea, convoy with technology and science, sail with confidence and determination.

  • Dong Wang

    Innovating interdisciplinary researches lead agriculture to be a knowledge-intensive industry.

  • Jinliang Li

    Unity of knowledge and action, market oriented, and for future

  • Yangkui Liu

    Safety for life, crop and machine is our first priority!

  • Huaitan Wang

    Root deeper, grow further

  • Zhijie Zhang

    Promote agriculture with science and technology and make unremitting efforts to improve agricultural cultivation patterns

  • Dawei Zhao

    The development of scientific research is gradual and step by step. Continuous is faster than leaping and hovering is slower than stepping

  • Lei Liang

    Roll up our sleeves and work harder

  • Shunkai Zhang

    Concerned about agriculture, boost the development of agriculture, the countryside and farmers and become a modern farmer in the new era

  • Haoming Li

    Be proactive, begin with the end in mind, and put first things first

  • Ting Zhou

    Ten thousand years are too long; seize the day, seize the hour

  • Cong Wu

    If there is a will, everything can be done

  • Shuangxi Xie

    The enthusiasm can go beyond the time and last long

  • Mingrui Gao

    Dash ahead to what one yearns regardless of his safety



By applying sensor networks, remote sensing, crop model, AI and big data, combined with professional knowledge from the experts, providing technical guidance and decision making support for farmer and farm manager.