Speech of CEO
  • On behalf of LAD, we are highly appreciated for the people who concern and support our company development. And I am also grateful to all our colleagues who grow up together with LAD.
  • We have had confusion between our dreams, ideal and reality. We also experienced painful exploration and discovery in the dark, been denied and questioned. Now LAD has gradually gained understanding and recognition from our society and I feel our persistence has finally become clear. The way ahead is long and has no ending; yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending. We will brave the wind and waves, hack our way through difficulties. LAD always adheres to our great vision: "Explore the mysteries of nature, protect human health with science and technology!"
  • As we adheres technology as our company core, talents are the power source of our company core. We believe technology leads the development of productivity upon the times, then talent is the core cornerstone of technology. Therefore, LAD always consider talent training and creating talent pool as a core topic and core working direction.
  • In the 19th China National Congress, implementing the strategy of rural revitalization; improving the integration of agriculture, rural areas and farmers; and to solve food security issues are proposed as the national development strategic. According to that, in the current stage, the mission of LAD is to empower rural revitalization and food safety in China with LAD knowledge. This mission and this stage may last for decades, but we hope this stage will get through faster. With our great vision and historical mission at this stage, we need to keep simple and working hard. Let us bear in mind our original intentions, unity of knowledge and action, to practice and achieve our great vision and historical mission at this stage. Thank you!


Empower rural revitalization and food safety in China with LAD knowledge


Explore the mysteries of nature, protect human health with science and technology

1.Project Initiation Projects are conceived and created for specific issues and regions in agricultural industry by field research, literature summary, data analysis and other processes.

2.Team buildup According to the characteristics and goals of the project, we organize and team up international and domestic experts from related research field and industries.

3.Research, Development and Incubation Developing certain knowledge and technology for the specific problems; the results obtained in the projects are integrated and incubated to make sure it could be applied in real business successfully.

4.Application Applying mature incubated knowledge and technology to the real production process and solving practical problems in the agricultural industry.