Caring for the angels in white, LAD is in action

On May 22,LAD donated around 5,000 kg of tomato to the East Hospital of Sixth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University,to express our sincere respect and gratitude to the angels in white who are fighting on the front line against with COVID-19 epidemic.

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LAD and Eurofins Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On May 20th,LAD and Eurofins Analysis Technology Services (Suzhou)Co.,Ltd.signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Suzhou.The two parties will cooperate in agricultural science and technology fields such as food testing,water quality testing,and soil testing to jointly promote the sustainable development of modern agriculture in China.

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LAD Xinjiang Experimental Base is about to plant

On April 24,LAD officially announced that the Xinjiang Experimental Base will be settled in Qapqal Xibo Autonomous County,Yili Prefecture.

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Lin-gang Special Area Administration Committee held a matchmaking symposium for LAD

On the afternoon of April 10th,Lin-gang New Area Administration Committee convened a matchmaking symposium for the settle-in and development issues of LAD.This symposium aims to further understand the requirements and related questions of LAD about entering the Lin-gang Special Area,to support and guide the planning and layout of LAD in Lin-gang Special Area,and to promote the launching of LAD key core technology and project construction.

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Groundbreaking Ceremony of LAD Modern Agriculture Base (Smart Greenhouse) Project & LAD Research Center

On the morning of April 2,2020,the groundbreaking ceremony of LAD modern agriculture base(smart greenhouse)project &LAD research center was held in Lianyi Village,Miao Town,Chongming District,Shanghai.

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