“AI + agriculture, bright future” Forum Hosted by LAD Reached over 450,000 views

Recently,the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Online Conference (hereinafter referred to as WAIC 2020)statistics have been released.According to the statistics of the organizing committee,the total number of views of the "AI +agriculture,bright future "industry forum hosted by LAD has reached 452,800,among which the official H5 channel had 10,049 views,1,613 likes,378 comments and 1,290 save as favorite.As an industry forum that debuted at WAIC 2020,the number of views of “AI +agriculture,bright future”ranked among the top five of the 20 industry forums.

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LAD China Technology R&D center signed and will land in Lin-gang

On July 11,the signing and launching ceremony of the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2020)was grandly held.Under the witness of Zheng Gong,deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and acting mayor,Qing Wu,member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and deputy mayor,LAD China Technology R&D Center and LAD headquarters project,as one of the major artificial intelligence industry projects in Lin-gang Special Area,was signed in the Blue Hall of the World Expo Center.Wei Wu and Xiaohua Wu,the full-time deputy directors of Lin-gang Special Area Administration,Kaining Weng,member of Lin-gang Group CPC Committee and Vice President,Weihua Dong,Chairman of LAD attended the signing ceremony.

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The “AI+ agriculture, bright future” forum co-hosted by LAD and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology will be held on July 11

From July 9th to 11th,the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Online Summit (WAIC 2020)will be held in Shanghai.With the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity,Indivisible Community”,this conference is dedicated to bring the leading companies worldwide together to discuss how to apply AI and other leading technologies to create a better community.

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Delegation from Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Visited LAD Luohe base

On the morning of June 23,Huixian Song,deputy director of Henan provincial agricultural machinery technology center,Haiyan Jiang,director of safety production division,Dejian Chen,chief of supervision section,Shiliang Wang,deputy district mayor of Shaoling District,Hongwei Wang,director of general office of Luohe agricultural machinery extension service center,Xiangwen Huang,director of the Shaoling District agricultural machinery extension service center,and Yingjie Zhang,deputy director of Shaoling District agricultural machinery extension service center,visited agricultural machinery depot of LAD Luohe base .

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LAD was invited to visit Lin-gang Zunyi Sci-tech City

From June 19 to 21,delegation of LAD including Weihua Dong,Chairman of the Board was invited by Shanghai Lin-gang Sci-tech City Company to visit Lin-gang Zunyi Sci-tech City in Guizhou Province,for an in-depth field research to discuss and exchange future cooperation and development opportunities.

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